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Madison Co. Sheriff Says Bad Drug Problem Puts You at Risk

Sheriff talks with RTV6 about addicts who are breaking in to homes and cars and don't care about the consequences

MADISON COUNTY, Ind.--The drug problem in Madison County is leading to burglaries and other crimes, and the sheriff there says it's the worst he's seen it in his 35-year law enforcement career. 

And it could be what any county in the state with a bad opioid addiction problem looks like.

Sheriff Scott Mellinger told RTV6 that one drug and robbery suspect told deputies that he would either steal to get the money to buy drugs or police would shoot him, and that he was okay either way with the outcome. 

Mellinger is encouraging people to lock their cars and houses.

"It still amazes me today that people aren't locking their cars or their homes," said Mellinger. "Don't take for granted that if you're in your home or in your business that you're in there doing work that a desperate person is not going to charge right inside and try to get something valuable, because they will."

Mellinger said he believes people who are addicted are so desperate to stay high and not come down and detox, that they don't care about consequences. That puts you and your valuables at risk, he said.

"Don't think that just because it's daylight you're safe. You need to be aware of what's going on around you."


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