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Man Gets 6 Years For Tying Up, Robbing Elderly Woman

Jeremy Clark pleaded guilty to robbery for breaking into the home of a woman he'd worked for, tying her up, and stealing her belongings.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The man who broke into an elderly woman’s home and tied her up with a vacuum cleaner cord in April was sentenced to six years in prison Tuesday – but could serve less if he completes a substance abuse program.

Jeremy Clark, 34, pleaded guilty to one felony count of robbery resulting in bodily injury for his April assault on a 74-year-old woman he’d previously done yard work for.

The woman described the attack to RTV6 earlier this year.

"He grabbed me. I started to try to get away from him. He threw me down on the floor. And he cut my vacuum cleaner cord and started tying around my arms. I tried to kick him and he tied my feet up," she said.

On Tuesday, Marion County Judge Stanley Krohl sentenced Clark to six years in prison, with a recommendation for purposeful incarceration – an IDOC program that allows offenders to shave time off their sentences if they complete a therapeutic community. Purposeful incarceration is intended for offenders who have “severe additions that are directly related to their criminal behavior.”

Upon completion of the program, Clark could potentially see as much as two years knocked off his total time in prison.

Clark was also ordered Tuesday to pay $4,900 in restitution to his victim. He will serve one year on probation following his release.

(Photo by RTV6.)

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