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Man Shot by Police After Chase From Chicago

Troopers say Mark Coffey was dangerous, and was wearing a monitor when he was shot and killed.

DYER, Ind.--A man with with an armed robbery warrant, who was wearing an ankle monitor, was shot and killed by officers after a car chase Thursday morning in Lake County. 

During the chase, Coffey hit someone who was walking in Saulk Village. 

The chase started in Chicago. Police say the man was driving a stolen car. State Police have not said exactly what happened when the chase ended. Mark Coffey, 33, of South Chicago Heights, Ill., confronted officers from the Lake County Sheriffs Dept., Dyer Police and St. John Police, and was shot and died at the scene. 

"There was a confrontation between the suspect and the officers that resulted in multiple shots being fired," said State Police Master Sgt. Glen Fifield. "The suspect had an active warrant for armed robbery and burglary and was considered to be armed and dangerous."

"There is audio and video footage. This footage is all considered evidentiary and will be released upon completion of the investigation."

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