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Martinsville Pathologist Arrested For Drunk Driving

A coroner's pathologist who has performed autopsies for the Marion Co. Coroner's Office was arrested Tuesday night; police found tissue samples in his car.

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. -- A drunk-driving arrest involving an Martinsville pathologist took an unexpected turn when officers discovered body parts inside his car.

Dr. Elmo Griggs, 75, is coroner’s pathologist. He was arrested Tuesday night in Morgan County for Operating While Intoxicated and had human tissue samples in the car at the time of his arrest.

Sheriff Robert J. Downey confirmed to Fox59 Wednesday morning that the tissue was found in Griggs’ car, but says it is not being investigated as a criminal matter.

Griggs works as a contractor and performs autopsies on occasion for the Marion County Coroner’s Office, but was not providing any services for the Coroner’s Office at the time of his arrest.

Chief Deputy Coroner Alfarena Ballew said Wednesday that the tissue found in Griggs’ vehicle “did not belong to any Marion County cases” and is likely to be from “private autopsy cases”.

Dr. Griggs is charged with Operating While Intoxicated. His contract with the Marion Co. Coroner’s Office has been suspended pending an investigation.

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