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More Dentists Going Corporate in Indiana

More and more dentists are going corporate in Indiana. 

The Indiana Dental Association cites a 25% jump in 2010 in what they call "large group practices," which are branded, corporate-type entities.  IDA Executive Director Doug Bush says most dentists in Indiana still maintain independent practices. 

However, Bush says the trend seems targeted at young, new dentists who choose to work for dental management service groups.  He says this option tends to be more attractive to those who've just graduated from dental school and can collect a regular paycheck free of the challenges of setting up an entire practice. 

Bush says the trend could possibly lead to dentistry being treated as a commodity.  He says it's better for dentistry to retain current practice as a relationship between dentist and patient. 

Still, Bush says there's no denying the trend that involves multiple locations of dental offices under the same name brand.

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