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Muncie Superintendent Sacked, Contract Not to be Renewed

State-appointed group took over district's finances in 2017.

MUNCIE, Ind.--The superintendent for the Muncie School District has effectively been fired. His contract runs out at the end of June and a state-appointed emergency management team said Dr. Steven Baule's contract will not be renewed.

"Administrator Assistance has provided notice to Dr. Baule and the Muncie Community Schools' Board of Trustees that they have decided not to renew Dr. Baule's contract past its current expiration date of June 30, 2018, at this time," read a Saturday statement from the team.

"Pursuant to Indiana Code 6-1.1-20.3-7.1, the emergency manager must approve the incurrence of contractual obligations exceeding $30,000. To provide flexibility in reviewing financial options available to Muncie Community Schools, the emergency manager felt it was best not to incur this contractual obligation at this time. Dr. Baule's employment with Muncie Community Schools continues through June 30, 2018."

Neither the district nor the emergency manager offered any additional comments.

The school district has been in financial trouble because of a multi-million dollar deficit and the state took over full control of the district's finances late last year.

Three elementary schools had to close this school year, thanks to the financial problems.


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