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Muncie Torture Suspect Released From Jail

A judge in Delaware Co. agreed to let Benitez "Benny" McCullum out of jail ahead of his Aug. 4. trial. McCullum is accused of beating a man with a shovel.

MUNCIE, Ind. -- A man accused of holding three people hostage and beating one of them with a shovel is out of prison ahead of his August 4 trial.

Last week, a Delaware County judge agreed to release Benitez "Benny" McCullum from jail, provided that he wear a GPS monitoring device and stay away from his accusers.

McCullum and his accomplice, Robert Walton, are accused of holding two women and a man against their will in a Muncie apartment in August 2016.

Prosecutors say McCullum beat the man with a shovel and threatened him with a nail gun. He faces 12 criminal charges, including aggravated battery and criminal confinement.

Robert Walton is accused of torturing one of the women with a nail gun, shooting her in the legs, abdomen, and a foot. He has not been released from jail and is due in court July 9.

(Photo via Delaware Co. Jail.)

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