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Muncie Woman Accused of Hitting Cop With Shoe, Biting Paramedic

Deanna Reyneveld hit, kicked, and screamed...and she still ended up behind bars.

MUNCIE, Ind. – A Muncie woman is accused of hitting a police officer with her shoe and biting a paramedic. 

A Muncie police officer stopped by the home of Deanna Reyneveld on Tuesday evening after receiving a complaint that she was drunk and "causing issues".

The Muncie Star-Press reports Reyneveld's behavior "fluctuated severely, from screaming no movement and a complete loss of control over herself".

When the officer decided to take Reyneveld to the hospital for evaluation, she kicked him and then hit him with her shoe.

And, she wasn't done. She's accused of hitting, and then biting, a paramedic who tried to put her on a cot for the trip to the hospital.

Reyneveld's outrageous behavior allegedly continued at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, where The Star-Press says she "caused a disturbance and told an officer he would be fired for arresting her". She also struggled against police and correctional officers upon arriving at the jail.

Reyneveld is charged with battery to a healthcare worker, disorderly conduct, and resisting law enforcement.

(Photo by JoeChoe16/Thinkstock.)

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