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Neighbors Asking For a Fix at Dangerous Road in Greenwood

A certain stretch of SR 135 in Greenwood had two fatal crashes last month.

GREENWOOD, Ind. -- Neighbors in Greenwood may have a solution to look forward to on State Road 135 where two people were killed last month. 

A Center Grove High School student was killed in a crash and just days later a pedestrian was struck and killed in the same area of SR135.

We took the concerns of those along that stretch of road to the Indiana Department of Transportation.

While INDOT doesn't have any planned projects in the area over the next five years, there are a few options to make it safer and the department is willing to work with the city of Greenwood to make any changes become a reality.

The options for the road are to:

1.) Add a median curb
2.) Add a "No Left Turn" sign

An INDOT spokesperson said if neighbors want to move forward on a permit process to add a median curb on SR 135, the department would support them, but they said there would be some concerns about restricting access to some local businesses. 

Jody Veldkamp with Volunteer Aspire in Johnson County said it's hard for the infrastructure to keep up with the population boom over the last 20 years in the area.

"What you hope is the safety can keep up," Veldkamp said. "Maybe we aren't paying enough attention to the safety here. What can we do to make them safer?"

(Photo by RTV6.)

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