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One Local Liquor Store Owner Calls New Sunday Alcohol Sales Law "Unnecessary"

The owner of Payless Liquors believes the new law will only improve the sales of the grocers and the big-box stores and will have a negative effect on his bottom line.

INDIANAPOLIS -- One owner of a local chain of liquor stores calls Indiana's new Sunday alcohol sales law "unnecessary."

"It's only going to improve the sales of the grocers and the big-box stores," says Charles Key, the owner of Payless Liquors, which has 25 locations throughout Indianapolis and central Indiana.

On Wednesday, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill into law allowing the sale of carryout alcohol at grocery and liquor stores for the first time in the state.

The law takes effect immediately and allows the sale of carryout alcohol in Indiana on Sundays beginning March 4.

"When your competitor can have more time to sell with zero cost of labor, it is an effect on us so I'd just assume the law go back to the way it was," says Key who will open all of his stores from noon to 8 p.m. on Sundays beginning March 4 in order to stay competitive with other liquor stores across the area.

"We will not pick up any business. [We'll] just switch the business from Saturday to Sunday. [We] might pick up a little, not much," according to Key who believes the extra Sunday shift will be a drain on the company's bottom line.

"First of all, hiring right now is a little tough. Secondly, we will manage the extra hours by adjusting shifts during the week," says Key.

Overall, Key believes that news of the state's new Sunday alcohol sales law has gotten too much attention.

"I think that the grocery people have made this such a big event that it's overhyped and it's just the situation that [liquor stores] have to live with."


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