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Pence, Donnelly to Talk Tax Reform, Both Agree on North Korea

Both men Tweeted they'll be talking about your taxes, but did not say whether they'll be talking about Kim Jung Un and the new sanctions.

ANDERSON, Ind.--North Korea's threats to possibly launch a hydrogen bomb into the Pacific Ocean had some world leaders concerned, but it was unclear if Vice-Pres. Mike Pence or Sen. Joe Donnelly would discuss that situation today in Anderson.


Pence is scheduled to speak at 3:30 today at the Flagship Enterprise Center, to be joined by Donnelly, Gov. Eric Holcomb and representatives Susan Brooks and Todd Rokita. Rep. Luke Messer also sent out a news release saying he would join the group. Pence scheduled the appearance in his home state to talk about tax reform, and to put pressure on Donnelly to vote for the president's plan.

But since Trump's speech to the UN, he has announced tougher sanctions, saying any country who deals with the Kim regime will face consequences.

“Continuing to step up sanctions on North Korea is vitally important. Individuals, companies, and financial institutions that facilitate trade with North Korea must be held accountable to ensure that Kim Jong Un and his regime understand that their provocations are unacceptable and must stop," said Donnelly, Ranking Member of the Banking Committee’s National Security and International Trade and Finance Subcommittee.

"These sanctions from President Trump are in line with the bipartisan efforts Senator Sasse and I have been working on in the Senate Banking Committee, and I will continue pushing for efforts to ensure that our country and our allies are enforcing these sanctions and holding people accountable.”

Pence, in a Tweet Thursday, said he attended a lunch with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean Pres. Moon Jae-In, to discuss the threat from North Korea. His next Tweet was about his visit to Indiana.

Trump will visit Indiana next week. Tax reform is also expected to be his major subject when he visits.

PHOTO: VP Mike Pence

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