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Phony Phone Calls: Johnson Co. Sheriff's Office Warns of Phone Scam

Multiple people say they've gotten calls from a 'Deputy Harper' -- but Sheriff Cox says you shouldn't be duped by this fake deputy.

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind-The Johnson County Sheriff's Office is warning its residents of their county and surrounding conties to be aware of phone scammers calling people and posing to be a deputy with the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

The man is identifying himself as 'Deputy Harper' and is telling those who answer that they have to pay him money or a warrant will be issued for their arrest.  

Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox lays out why that's bogus. 

"Number one, we don't have a Deputy Harper. Number two, we'll never call on a warrant, pre-warning someone that we're coming. Number three, we'll never ask for any money," says Sheriff Cox.

The phone call will appear like it's coming from a local number, which might make it seem legitimate. 

Cox says the person making these calls is likely someone out of state or even out of the country. 

"It's an actual person. What we're hearing more often than not, is that they have a far Eastern accent," Cox said. 

Since the calls are likely from across the country and around the world, reports of these scam calls are forwarded to the FBI.

Sheriff Cox says that so far, no one has fallen for the scam. He advises everyone to be vigilant and let law enforcement know about any suspicious activity.

If you do get a call from 'Deputy Harper', hang up and report it to the Johnson County Sheriff's Department.

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