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Photo Gallery: Flying High in the Madras Maiden

This weekend, you can soar over the Circle City in a B-17 Flying Fortress.

FISHERS, Ind. -- Looking for a way to celebrate the Fourth of July? What about a flight with the "Greatest Generation"?

This weekend, you have the chance to climb aboard an authentic B-17 bomber and soar through the skies above the Circle City. You'll know, just a for a moment, what it was like for the thousands of airmen who fought--and died--during World War II and became the "Greatest Generation".

Flights are provided by The Liberty Foundation as part of their Salute to Veterans Tour 2017. Learn more here


  • Flights are $450 for non-members of the Liberty Foundation
  • You can reserve a flight by calling 918-340-0243.
  • Learn more at www.liberty

Flying High in the Madras Maiden

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Madyson McGill/WIBC
Each B-17 flew with a crew of 10: pilot, copilot, navigator, radio operator, bombardier, and five gunners. The plane was used mostly by the U.S. 8th Air Force, based in the U.K., to bombard strategic targets in Germany and German-held territories. The B-17 was known for being able to fly despite being seriously damaged and developed a reputation for...

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