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Purdue Launches Three-Year Degree Program To Save Students Money

In-state students could see savings upwards of $9,000 in tuition; Out-of-state students could save $18,000

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN -- If you don't want to spend four-years working toward a Bachelor's Degree, Purdue will be able to help.

President Mitch Daniels says Purdue University is launching a new "Degree in 3" program. It's designed to offer undergraduate students the option to get a four-year degree in a three-year time period, says Dean David Reingold with the Justiin S. Morril School of Liberal Arts at Purdue.

Dean Reingold says after Purdue's School of Communication began offering three-year degrees in their areas of study four years ago, they've been looking to find ways to expand that method to the School of Liberal Arts.

"We've had a remarkable response. Every single one of our departments and schools stepped forward and developed a plan for our students to pursue their courses of study in three-years," Reingold says. "Now we've got over 20 course of study here. Everything Philosophy, to History, to English, to Political Science."

Those are just a few on a long list of focus that will offer three-year programs. Though they are three-year time tables to get a Bachelor's Degree, Reingold says each degree within the new initiative will carry the same accreditation as a four-year degree. The course load is still the same 120-hours of required course work for a degree, it's just restructured in a way that makes it possible to obtain a degree in three years instead of the tradition four-years.

“The notion that it requires four years to complete an undergraduate degree is really little more than a matter of tradition, a uniquely American tradition,” said President Mitch Daniels. “That this college is moving ahead to offer students the opportunity to accelerate their education and do it in an economical way is a great testament to the efforts of the entire CLA faculty and its leaders."

Daniels also says that the new program is geared toward making an education at Purdue more affordable. Standard four-year tuition for the West Lafayette campus sits at around $23,000 for in-state students, upwards of $41,000 for out-of-state. The school predicts that of the program works, it was save in-states students around $9,000. Out-of-state students could see savings of around $18,000.

For now, the only course of study that will not offer three-year programs are in the School of Fine Arts, but Purdue says it will keep pursuing ways to expand three-year tracks for other areas of focus.

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