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Purdue Releases Video Of Encounter Between Journalist And Police

It took place the day Purdue student Andrew Boldt was murdered on campus


Purdue University released a security video from Jan. 21, 2014, compiled by the Tippecanoe County prosecutor

Purdue University has released the surveillance video showing an encounter between a journalist and police the day that a student was murdered on campus.
The security camera footage is a minute and 25 seconds long and was taken on the second floor of Purdue's Electrical Engineering Building on January 21, the day Purdue student Andrew Boldt was murdered by then-student Cody Cousins inside a classroom.  The Purdue Exponent, the independent student newspaper, sued the university last week in an effort to get them to release the video to the public.  It shows Exponent photographer Michael Takeda being forced to the floor by a Tippecanoe County Sheriff's deputy and then, after he is helped up, shoved against a wall by a Purdue University police officer.  
Purdue had argued that it could not release the video because it was part of an ongoing criminal investigation, though it did allow management at the Exponent to view it.  Takeda was not hurt but said his two cameras were destroyed when he was initially forced to the ground.  He was taking pictures in an area that had not been roped off by police.
A Purdue police report on the incident released in February claimed that Takeda moved away from officers and ignored their commands.  But the video appears to show Takeda walking toward the officers when he was forced down.  The ACLU of Indiana, which filed the lawsuit for the Exponent, hasn't said whether the lawsuit will be dropped now that the video has been released.

Surveillance video has been released that appears to show police roughing up a photographer for Purdue's independent student newspaper.

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