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Rep. Jim Lucas On Legalizing Medical Cannabis: "I'm 100% Full Throttle On This"

Rep. Lucas says he plans to introduce a bill during the next legislative session to legalize medical marijuana in Indiana.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A Republican lawmaker says he has received a lot of support from Hoosiers after he announced his intention to introduce legislation to legalize medical marijuana legal in Indiana.

Rep. Jim Lucas of Seymour was part of the Indiana Medical Cannabis Town Hall, hosted by Indiana NORML at the Indiana State Library on Saturday.  

"When you have people come up and hug you with tears in their eyes and thank you for taking up this cause because they or a loved one have seen with their own eyes how much it does help, it pretty much tells me I'm on the right track," says Rep. Lucas while talking with 93 WIBC's "Tony Katz and the Morning News" Monday morning.

Rep. Lucas cites medical cannabis as a treatments for veterans dealing with PTSD, as well as a safe alternative for opioid addicts.

However, Indiana's Attorney General Curtis Hill, who is also a Republican, wrote an opinion for the Indianapolis Star in June saying that marijuana is highly addictive and its abuse could lead to long-term health problems.

"There's a lot of scientific-based evidence that should help sway people that still have their doubts, their prejudices or beliefs that marijuana is a bad drug, and it's not," says Rep. Lucas.


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