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Rep. Lucas' Journalist Licensing Bill Is More About Guns Than Reporters

Lucas says once we allow the licensing of one constitutional right, then the floodgates open for the rest of them

INDIANAPOLIS -- State Representative Jim Lucas says the idea of the government licensing journalists is "reprehensible," but he still had a bill drafted to do just that.

It was drafted during the last legislative session to make a point about similar legislation that requires a license to carry a handgun. He says if we allow for the licensing of one constitutional right, like the right to bear arms, then it is fair game for other constitutional rights to be licensed. 

"Everyone should be appalled," Lucas said. "I'm highlighting the licensing of a constitutional right. Society has become accustomed to that exact very thing. But if we allow the licensing of one constitutional right--even one--that means the floodgates are open for something like this to happen." 

"The only thing this draft does is it puts in perspective how horrible and reprehensible it is to license a constitutional right," Lucas continued. 

For Lucas, this is actually part of his larger initiative to pass a "constitutional carry" law in Indiana. That would repeal the requirement that gun owners have licenses to carry guns. Lucas doesn't actually want his journalism license legislation to pass even going as far as saying it's "the most vulgar thing you've ever seen." 

He also plans to introduce a bill that would legalize marijuana. For now he said he plans to just "hold on" to the draft bill requiring journalists to get licenses. 


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