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Rokita: "I will do whatever it takes to keep Indiana and America safe."

Your Congressman from Indiana says more sanctions against North Korea are coming, but what about the possibility of war?

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- North Korea has fired another intercontinental ballistic missile. The most sophisticated yet say several of your military leaders at the Pentagon.

In response, President Trump said earlier this week, "we take care of it," a statement that your Indiana Congressman Todd Rokita agrees with. When asked by 93 WIBC if he would vote to go to war with North Korea if things came to that, Rokita stopped short of a saying "yes."

"I'll to what it takes to keep Indiana and America safe for sure. Even in a vote if it comes to that," Rokita said. "The President is exactly right, and I think he used the right words. 'We are going to take care of it'."

The missile North Korea fired Wednesday went ten times higher than the orbit of the International Space Station, said Defense Secretary James Mattis. It landed in the Sea of Japan, well with Japan's "exclusive economic zone."

Rokita says more sanctions against the communist nation are coming.

"The goal of all this it to, number one, keep out nation safe," Rokita added. "There is still room for more diplomatic pressure to be had. China, as I've said before, should to be the principle player here to take care of is communist neighbor. But if they don't, we will."

China was one of several nations across the globe to condemn the latest missile launch by North Korea. Rokita continues by saying though North Korea's actions are obviously unsettling, the U.S. stands ready to defend itself if need be.

"This technology is no match for what we have underneath the water there, for what we have in the air, and even what we have in space. Not only to detect what they're doing, but to shoot out of the sky before it becomes a threat," said Rokita. "I'm very confident in America's abilities."

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