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Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit Plaintiffs Elated About Judge's Ruling

(WIBC.com photo: Eric Berman)

The couples whose lawsuit toppled Indiana's ban on same-sex marriage are elated at a ruling they say they were confident would come sooner or later.

Greg Hasty of Fishers says he's felt for a while that the community was ahead of the courts and the legislature on the issue. He says he and his partner C-J Vallero have always felt accepted when they've gone out as a couple. But he's still speechless at the prospect of being able to marry officially. He says they've been looking to adopt a child, and the ruling -- if it stands -- guarantees them the same legal protections as other married couples.

Rob MacPherson of Indianapolis says he always resented the language of Indiana's law, stating that his California marriage to Steven Stolen was "not recognized or valid." After 27 years together, they say they're happy to have the state recognize their commitment.

Stolen says he always believed the law would be thrown out someday -- but says he wasn't sure it would happen in his lifetime.

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