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Senate Vote Will Send Sunday Sales to Governor

House approves repeal of century-old ban

(INDIANAPOLIS) - One more vote at the statehouse will make Sunday alcohol sales a reality.

The House has cast its second overwhelming vote to repeal the century-old ban on Sunday sales. This version's different because it would legalize Sunday sales as soon as Governor Holcomb signs it -- the first version would have taken effect July 1, the usual start date for new laws. 

The change means the Senate has to vote again. A Senate committee has already scheduled a hearing on the original version, but chairman Ron Alting has endorsed making the law effective immediately. 

House Public Policy Chairman Ben Smaltz (R-Auburn) says the July effective date gives Hoosiers time to understand a new law before it takes effect. But Smaltz says everyone understands what Sunday sales means, and says there's no real reason to delay the effective date.

The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers says package stores have already started rewriting work schedules and training new workers.

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