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Sisters of Murdered 15-year-old Calling for Justice

Dominique Allen's relatives don't know who would want her dead

( photo: Mike Corbin)

The sisters of an Indianapolis teenager found dead over the weekend are calling for justice in the death of Dominique Allen. 

Shenika Poindexter and Mareeka Allen say there's no reason why anyone would want to kill the 15-year-old Ben Davis High School student. They say she was a good, law-abiding young woman who wanted to be a model and attend Spellman College in Atlanta. Both sisters say they believe Allen was taken at random. 

They say she's not the type of person to talk with strangers or get into strange cars.  They say they don't believe she had done anything wrong to contribute to her death. Allen's body was found early Sunday by a homeowner in the 1100 block of N. Elder Avenue. 

IMPD Detective Ken Kennedy says they're still seeking suspects in the death of Allen.  Investigators don't believe Allen was killed in the location where her body was found and set on fire.  They believe she was killed elsewhere - perhaps in an abandoned house on West 10th Street - because they didn't find soot evidence in her lungs.  Kennedy says they're not sure whether or not Allen was sexually-assaulted.  He says they also believe the crime against Allen was random.  Kennedy says they're still interviewing friends of Allen as part of their investigation.    

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