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St. Vincent Doctors Using New Device on Blocked Arteries

An Indiana woman is in good heart health thanks to a new device being used by doctors at St. Vincent Heart Center in Carmel. 

Carol Arnold is one of dozens of patients whose totally blocked arteries have been treated using a new device called CrossBoss and Stingray Coronary CT Crossing and Re-entry System.  Cardiologist Dr. Charles Orr says the device is minimally invasive and uses the same approach as traditional angioplasty, but employs the CrossBoss catheter that resembles a tiny plumber's snake. 

The device can either push through the blockage or be directed around it.  The Stingray can be used to build a new pathway around the blockage.  The system is FDA approved.  Dr. Orr says they've performed more than 90 procedures using the device. Coronary artery disease kills more than 385,000 people each year. 

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