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State Excise Police Warning Returning Students About Alcohol Laws

Indiana State Excise Police will be on the lookout for alcohol-related offenses as college students return to campus for the fall semester.

Corporal Travis Thickstun says they want to remind students to not make poor choices when it comes to alcohol.  "There are a number of laws like minor consumption, public intoxication, furnishing alcohol to minors (and) possession of false ID's that we're really going to be zeroing in on over the next couple weeks as students return to campus."

Friday night, Excise Police officers arrested 13 people in West Lafayette, home of Purdue University, for alcohol-related offenses.  Those offsenses included illegal possession or consumption of alcohol and furning alcohol to a minor.

Thickstun says students need to remember Indiana's Lifeline Law which provides immunity for anyone, even minors, who seek medical assistance for someone suffering from an alcohol-related health emergency.  "If you are near someone who needs medical assistance or anything else, call 911, stay with the person, provide information to the dispatchers and the officers and EMTs that show up on the scene to help them with that medical situation with that other person."

Thickstun says if you do those things, you will not be arrested or receive a citation for any alcohol-related offenses.

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