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Stephen Clay, the Audit, the Raises and the Bag of Shredded Paper

City-County Council president says fired employees got raises and someone shredded the records.

INDIANAPOLIS--A big bag of shredded documents was City-County Council Pres. Stephen Clay's evidence that the now-fired clerk and assistant clerk to the council had been handed down unauthorized pay raises. He said he has initiated an audit of the city budget.

"These are the shredded materials the staff found," he said, holding up the large, clear bag, stuffed with bits of paper. 

Clay faces the possibility he will be removed as council president on Feb. 19, the possible ouster coming from Democrats mostly, angry that Clay promised chairmanships to Republicans in exchange for their vote.

Clay has maintained there has been a conspiracy against him, led by former council pres. Maggie Lewis.

Clay said the employees he fired last week were handed down raises that did not go through the council for a vote.

"If we are not able to sustain our position, then they can do whatever they want to do. But, while we're here, we're gonna turn the light on," said Clay, speaking of the forensic audit, which will likely include searches of files and hard drives. Clay said he is speaking with vendors about conducting the audit.

When asked if he thinks he will be removed, he responded, "Who knows the future? I know a lot of things, but the future's not one of them."


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