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Study Committee Continues Look At Indiana's Jaded Alcohol Laws

State Rep. Terri Austin, of Anderson, says she won't be shocked to see recommendations on cold beer sales and Sunday sales.

INDIANAPOLIS -- As we draw nearer to next year's legislative session at the Indiana General Assembly, the hottest topic of discussion remains Indiana's jaded alcohol laws. 

A summer study committee is tasked with gathering information and taking an in-depth look at the state's alcohol legislation, and they will soon make recommendations to your state lawmakers at the upcoming session on what they believe needs to be done.

State Representative Terri Austin (D-63rd District, Anderson) sits on the committee and says there will be lots of recommendations made by the committee come January.

"What those recommendations are remains to be seen," Austin told 93 WIBC's Abdul Hakeem-Shabazz. "I won't be surprised to see cold beer or Sunday sales at least put on the table. There's been some discussion on whether or not we should continue to regulate the temperature of beer."

Austin is careful to remind Hoosiers that committee is just a "recommending body" and doesn't have actual power to pass or enforce any new alcohol legislation. She says that is up to your lawmakers when the General Assembly convenes in 2018.

"To me, we ought to act as a group," Austin continued. "That's why we've spent this time together. We should advance our recommendations and vote on them as a body of work."

As Austin stated, the temperature of beer as well as Sunday alcohol sales are the key topics that are under the microscope as the committee looks at state alcohol laws.

The Indiana Liquor Lobby has come out against the sale of cold beer by grocery and convenience stores, but recently came out in support of allowing Sunday alcohol sales.

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