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Sunday Sales May Get Here Sooner Than You Think

Change to repeal bill would now legalize Sunday alcohol sales as soon as Holcomb signs it

(INDIANAPOLIS) - You may not have to wait till July to buy beer on Sunday.

A House committee has changed the effective date of the bill ending Indiana's century-old ban on Sunday alcohol sales. If the full House and Senate go along, the change will take effect as soon as Governor Holcomb signs it. The House could vote as early as next week.

House Public Policy Chairman Ben Smaltz (R-Auburn) says if the state is going to allow Sunday sales, there's no reason to wait till the normal effective date of July 1. The change means the Senate will have to vote again after the full House does -- Smaltz says he doesn't expect any objections.

Smaltz notes liquor stores don't have to open the first day if they need more time to line up Sunday staffing for the first time. But he says that shouldn't be that challenging, even with three months less to get ready. And he predicts it'll be a big sales day for them.

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