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Tax Reform: They've Got Another Shot at the Big Christmas Present

It's not under the tree or wrapped up with a bow just yet.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Pres. Trump said tax reform would be a huge Christmas gift for America. But, it's not under the tree just yet. The Senate did not vote on the bill they were considering loast night because Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) feared they did not have the votes.

The plan is to try again today.

"We really believe that before Christmas comes, we're gonna deliver to the American people the largest tax cut in American history," said Vice-Pres. Mike Pence, in a speech Thursday evening.

"We're not only not gonna see deficits from these tax cuts, but when they're all fully implemented, you're gonna see not only incomes rise and the economy grow. You're gonna see the federal government have even more resources to provide for the military to meet the obligations that we've made," said Pence.

Congressman Todd Rokita said he'd like to see the Republican plan passed.

"Every third-party economist that you look at shows that this is gonna be good for Indiana," he said.

Rokita said he hopes the Senate will consider provisions in the House plan, which cuts down the number of tax brackets. The Senate version does not.

"So I hope that the Senate keeps-they should adopt the House bill word for word. But, if they don't, they should keep as much of it as possible so we can get it back and we can get it to the president's desk," he said.

Rokita also criticized his opponent in the upcoming Senate race, saying Sen. Joe Donnelly's criticism of the bill being non-partisan is ridiculous.

"In terms of making it bi-partisan, Joe Donnelly is in total control of whether the bill can be bi-partisan or not, since he's a Democrat and it's a Republican bill," said Rokita. "He should vote for it."

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