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Uranus Visible to Naked Eye Thursday Night - Friday Morning

NASA says the planet's blue-green hue is "unmistakable".

INDIANAPOLIS -- If it feels like there's always something celestial going on in the skies above Indiana lately, that's because there has been and this time Uranus is making its debut. 

According to NASA, Uranus will reach "opposition" Thursday night, which means the Earth will move between the planet and the sun in its orbit, making Uranus visible in the sky all night long. 

The planet's blue-green color is unmistakable according to NASA, and it may even be clear enough in to see the planet with your naked eye -- for sure with binoculars -- just look for it inside the constellation Pisces. 

If you're looking up from central Indiana, the plant should be visible anytime between 9 p.m. Thursday and 6 a.m. Friday. 

So turn your eyes to the sky Thursday night, Hoosiers - you won't want to miss this celestial treat.

(Photo by NASA/Getty/Corbis Historical Images.) 

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