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U.S.S. Indianapolis Survivor Passes Away, Just a Few Still Here

Albert Morris remembered walking off the ship into the water after she was torpedoed.

INDIANAPOLIS--There are now 19 people left who survived the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis in 1945. Survivor Albert Morris passed away Wednesday morning. 

Morris, of Akron, Ohio, remembered helping people after the Japanese torpedo hit the ship. He recounted at reunions how he walked off the ship and into the water as it was sinking. He spent four days and five nights in the shark-infested waters of the Pacific before being rescued. Some 500 other sailors didn't make it. 

The story of the Indianapolis

A handful of people who survived the sinking have gathered in Indy for reunions. Five years ago there were as many as 42 people still alive who were on board the heavy cruiser that carried the first atomic bomb used in combat.

Of the 1,196 people on board the ship, 300 went down with her. Nine hundred more ended up in the water. Five hundred of those sailors died from exposure, dehydration and shark attacks in the four days before the crew was found by another ship on routine patrol.

Morris was 92.

PHOTO: Emmis/John Cimasko

The Story of the Indianapolis as told by Rear Admiral Gary Mayes, of Indy

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