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Vice-President Mike Pence Again Calls For Donnelly's Support For Tax Reform

The Vice-President addressed local small business leaders and lawmakers at a round table discussion on tax reform in Plainfield Thursday


PLAINFIELD, Ind. -- Vice-President Mike Pence has again called on Indiana Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly to support the GOP push for tax reform in Congress. 

"We need the support of every Hoosier in Congress," Pence says. "I know we can count Senator Todd Young, but Indiana also needs to be able to count of Senator Joe Donnelly to vote for tax relief." 

Speaking at a round table in Plainfield Thursday evening, Pence referred to President Trump's framework on tax reform as a "middle-class miracle", which focuses on cutting taxes for middle-class working families. 

Democrats see the President's plan as a way to only benefit the wealthy and big corporations. Pence said at the meeting, while the GOP plan does cut corporate taxes from 35-percent to 20-percent, it also significantly cuts taxes for small businesses as well. That's something that TKO Graphix owner Tom Taulman says he can get behind. 

"We employ about 260 people, mostly middle-class. It's a very big deal to us," Taulman said of his business which hosted the round table. "We're looking for them getting more money on their tax returns and just a better quality of life for them, and I think this definitely does it."

Senator Todd Young says tax reform isn't a "Republican-Democrat" issue.

"It's an American issue," Young said to the panel. "All the business owners around this table understand it, and some of the workers we visited with understand it. If you can make our country the best country in the world to do business, it's going to benefit all of us, all of out communities."

The House and Senate have each drafted their own versions of a tax reform bill. The House Ways and Means Committee has already voted the House version to the floor.

President Trump has asked Congress to get a tax reform bill on his desk by the end of the year.

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