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Warm Weather is Here, But it Won't Last

You can keep your sunglasses on for now, but you might need a snow shovel next week!

INDIANAPOLIS -- There's snow on some of Hawaii's mountaintops, but nary a flake to be seen in Indiana.

Weather in the Hoosier state these past few days has felt more like spring than like fall, and National Weather Service Meteorologist Dave Tucek says there's a reason for that.

"A relatively warm air mass, combined with sunshine and southerly breezes, have allowed our temperatures to climb almost twenty degrees above normal," he explained.

"Normal" weather this time of year is a high around 51 and a low in the mid-30s. 

The recent run of warm weather, like most good things in life, won't last. 

Tucek says to expect a major cool-down sometime next week: 

"We're going to probably see high temperatures into the 30s and low temperatures in the 20s if not the teens. We're going to be getting cold enough that we [could] be talking about the possibility of long as that cold air remains in place."

Next week could be Indiana's first real taste of winter, but Tucek says it won't be our last.

"Right now, we're anticipating somewhere close to 25 inches of snow for the season as a whole."

In short: you can keep your sunglasses on for now, but keep your snow shovel handy.

(Photo by Marian Vejcik/Thinkstock.)

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