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A Weekend Run to Turkey Run for a Hike and a Trip Back in Time

It's one of Indiana's state parks. It was formed by a glacier and has stayed cool for hundreds of years.

PARKE COUNTY, Ind.--Exploring an area that's close to how it was 1,200 years ago only costs you $7 at Turkey Run State Park. The area looks and feels much as it did when some of the country's first inhabitants came across it.

LINK: Turkey Run State Park

Your first stop might be the Nature Center. Saturday, astronomers were prepping visitors for the upcoming solar eclipse with two telescopes aimed at the sun, with special filters. Visitors were able to see sun spots and try on special filtered glasses that can be used to see the eclipse Aug. 21.

Inside the Nature Center are frogs and snakes native to the area, and a planetarium.

Behind the Nature Center are hiking trails through Rocky Hollow, an area formed by a glacier. After a walk over Sugar Creek on the suspension bridge, you descend into an environment that hasn't changed much in the past few hundred years, thanks to slow erosion of the sandstone.

The temperature is cooler, something you'll appreciate if you're hiking the trails that go up a ladder of 170 steps, both man made and nature-made, and down into crevasses, then back up again. You might want to stretch first, wear some clothes for rugged climbing, and bring water.

On the east side of the park is a covered bridge, built in 1882, one of several in Parke County.

You can also picnic and stay overnight in the park.

PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis

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