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Williamsport Man Gets 65 Years For Murder, Arson

Scottie Kincade attacked his on-again, off-again girlfriend, then poured gasoline around her as she lay dying and set her and her house on fire.

WILLIAMSPORT, Ind. — A Warren County man will spend decades behind bars for attacking his ex-girlfriend and setting her on fire as she lay dying.

Scottie Kincade, 34, will serve 65 years in prison for killing 31-year-old Heather Smith in 2016. He was given an additional 10 years for arson, to be served concurrently.

Prosecutors say Kincade "fatally attacked" Smith at her Williamsport home in September 2016. While she lay on the ground, he poured gasoline around her and set her and her house on fire.

Pathologists testified that Smith was still alive when Kincade lit the fire.

"At the time the fire was set, Smith was taking shallow agonal breaths, which occurs just before death," according to The Journal & Courier.

Their findings were based on the fact that there was "no soot in Smith's lungs, but there was a small amount of soot around her nostrils and in her nose".

Police say Smith, the mother of Kincade's three children, was planning to leave Kincade and start a new life after years of abuse.

When given the chance to speak before the court, Kincade said that no one who testified or prosecuted the case knows what really happened because "they weren't there".

Kincade will be eligible for parole in 46 years.

(Photo by Brian A. Jackson/Thinkstock.)

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