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Young: Turn Senate Attention to Tax Reform When Congress Returns

Senator says it's most consequential action Congress can take to boost economy

Indiana Senator Todd Young says with a health care bill going nowhere, it's time for Congress to focus on tax reform.

Congress left for its August recess right after the Senate rejected the Republican health-care "skinny repeal" bill. President Trump and some House Republicans have been pushing to take another run at health care, and there's been discussion of starting work on an infrastructure bill.

But Young says tax reform is the single biggest thing Congress could do to boost the economy. He warns it won't be easy -- he says there's a reason it hasn't been attempted for 30 years. But he says it's an area where Republicans and Democrats should be able to work together. 

Young says high corporate tax rates are costing Americans jobs instead of creating them, by creating an incentive for companies to ship operations and capital overseas. And he says taxes on small businesses, which use the same brackets as individuals, end up discouraging entrepreneurs from starting or expanding their companies.

Sen. Todd Young (R-Indiana) (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

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