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Your Gun Rights to be Studied This Summer

Constitutional carry in Indiana wasn't passed last year. Why one state rep. says that's immoral

STATE HOUSE--Constitutional carry for guns did not pass this year in Indiana, but some of the lawmakers who introduced the bill are working on reintroducing it after what's called a "summer study" on it. If the bill passes, it would allow you to open carry a gun without a license.

Rep. Jim Lucas, a Republican, said he believes it's not a matter of if Constitutional carry will pass, it's a matter of when.

"Constitutional carry takes away the unconstitutional and immoral act of government licensing a Constitutional right," said Lucas, who was a guest on The Gun Guy, with Guy Relford, on WIBC in Indianapolis.

Who doesn't want it to happen

Lucas said some of the people who opposed the bill last year were the state's law enforcement associations.

"We basically had every police agency representative group in the state of Indiana come out against this. They had some safety concerns, which I am working on right now. I know we are coming up with such an incredible bill to address all these concerns," said Lucas. Some police groups said they believe that people being able to carry without a license would make it less safe for police officers and harder to investigate gun crimes.

But, another issue was the money for training that local police departments were getting from the money people pay for gun licenses.

Making it happen anyway

"We've already addressed those at the local level," said Lucas. "The local training fund at the county level-Counties now are able to fund police officer safety training on a dedicated funding mechanism that is already in place."

While Lucas is trying to head off all of the concerns that may have been responsible for killing the bill in the last legislative session, the bill is going to a "summer study", where people with concerns on both sides of the bill will be able to put their two cents in at the State House.

"Summer study is a mechanism to educate people on the actual facts of what we're trying to do."

Lucas believes that when the facts are presented, along with some recent Supreme Court rulings, that Constitutional carry for guns will be able to pass the Republican-controlled state legislature.

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