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Sen. Young Praises Indiana's Efforts To Fight Human Trafficking

Young also to time at a Senate hearing to learn more about how Congress can help stop human trafficking

WASHINGTON, D.C -- Human trafficking was an issue up for discussion at a hearing of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee today. 

Indiana Senator Todd Young (R) sits on that committee, and took the time not only to praise Indiana's efforts to help curb the problem of human trafficking, but also to figure out how Congress to do more to help.

"Our state has done some incredible path breaking work with respect to addressing this issue," Young said at the hearing. "Regarded by many states as a national model. The Indiana  Protection For Abused and Trafficked Human Task Force (IPATH) has been an ongoing initiative to come up with a way to address it."

Keeli Sorensen is a spokeswoman for the Polaris Project, which is a coalition to investigate the inner workings of human trafficking in an effort to find new way to bring the underground industry to a halt.

When asked by Senator Young how Congress can help with data collection of where human trafficking has happened, Sorensen gave some insight on how the industry has a large connection, to immigration.

"In one year we saw that 40-percent of our labor trafficking references, were from people who are on temporary work visas," Sorensen responded. "So we see this massive correlation."

Sorensen says if the government can help by helping gather information about these people on work visas, such as where they are coming from, what regions of the country they're authorized to work in, and where they were going in the US, Polaris could better target their oversight making it easier to bring down human trafficking networks. 

(PHOTO: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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