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Andrew Luck: "I Plan on Being Ready on Week 1"

The injured Colts QB has returned to Indianapolis after receiving treatment on his sore shoulder in the Netherlands.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts quarterback Andrew Luck from the Netherlands and he has good news: he does not believe he will need another surgery. 

"My gut and my feeling tells me I do not need another surgery," Luck said today at the Indiana Farmers Football Complex. "I think I need to work more and need more time to stay on this 'straight and narrow' if you will."

Luck has been sidelined with a shoulder injury for more than a year. He started the 2017 season on the active roster. When it became clear that he was not ready to play, Colts GM Chris Ballard placed Luck on injured reserve. 

Jacoby Brissett has been the starting quarterback for the Colts in Luck's stead since Week 2. Without Luck, the Colts have only been able to muster three wins in their 2017 campaign.

Luck also explained why he went to Europe to seek out treatment rather than staying here in the United States.

"The therapist that I worked with has resources over in the Netherlands, and the clinic and other help was was in one specific place," Luck explained Friday. "I couldn't have done here what I did over there."

Luck insists that there were no surgeries, procedures, or injections done in the Netherlands that would have been illegal in the US. 

Now he says they are "preparing" him to throw a football, something he has not done since practicing earlier this season before being placed in IR.

Luck says he plans on being ready for Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season.

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