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Butler Assistant A.D. Appears in Super Bowl Commercial


A member of Butler University's Athletics Department is featured in the new Visa Super Bowl Commercial.

Carl Heck, Assistant Athletic Director - Internal Operations at Butler University, plays a convenience store manager in the commerical which shows a fan named Ned winning tickets to the big game. Heck said filming the commercial was an interesting experience.

Listen:  Carl Heck with 93 WIBC's Ed Wenck

"It's incredible to see the detail that they must go into for all their contracts that Visa works with so whether it's Coke or Pepsi, certain things have to be turned around. They can have Frito Lays but they can't have other chips and snacks so it was very interesting to see," Heck says.

Heck says he got to know some of the other members of the cast. He says since he was the only one not from Los Angeles or New York, the cast constantly kept asking his advice for places to visit around Indy.

Heck says he got the job after giving a tour of Hinkle Fieldhouse to some of the members of the production. He says he did get paid for the job but unfortunately, he did not get Super Bowl tickets.

Watch the commercial below:


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