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State Senator Speaks on Indiana Becoming a Right-to-Work State


Governor Mitch Daniels is reportedly considering championing efforts to make Indiana a "right-to-work" state. That is, eliminating conditions that require employees to forcibly join a union as a condition of employment.

Indiana State Senator Greg Walker, a Republican from Columbus, was part of a committee that looked into the issue last Summer. He supports the move.

Many employers and manufacturers argue that setting up shop in states where there is no "right-to-work" protections results in an artificial increase in expenses, making these businesses less competitive than those that operate in "right-to-work" states. Senator Walker

said that "right-to-work" shouldn't be viewed as an anti-union move, rather a move to improve Indiana's economic climate and provide more jobs to more Hoosiers.

Earlier this year, Republicans in the Statehouse broached the subject of "right-to-work", only to see Democrat lawmakers flee to Illinois. During this impasse, Daniels urged the GOP to table the matter in order to get the absent lawmakers to return and pass a budget.Should "right-to-work" come before state lawmakers, Walker expects Democrats to mimic actions taken earlier this year.

Walker says there are a lot of misconceptions about "right-to-work" that cannot be clarified in short sound bites. He adds that any legislative fight is going to hinge on making sure Hoosiers are educated on the issue. Once that is done and the economic benefits are understood, Walker says he thinks "right-to-work" will garner a lot of support.


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