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GOP Leaders Will Push Right-to-Work Bill

Bosma, Long say bill is session's #1 priority; Dems leave options open


Senate President Pro Tem David Long ( photo: Eric Berman)
Senate President Pro Tem David Long ( photo: Eric Berman)

Republican legislative leaders say a right-to-work bill will be their top priority in the upcoming session.

Senate President Pro Tem David Long and House Speaker Brian Bosma call the lack of a right-to-work law the last major barrier to economic development in Indiana. They say one-third to one-half of businesses seeking to locate new projects won't even consider the 28 states without such a law.

Last session, Long and Bosma deferred to committee chairmen on right-to-work, and pulled the plug after House Democrats bolted in protest. This time, Bosma is co-sponsoring the bill, and warning against a second walkout.

Minority Leader Patrick Bauer says he'll wait to see what happens. He doesn't rule out risking fines against absent members if a walkout is necessary "to protect ourselves against the tyranny of the majority."

Bauer maintains right-to-work would cost jobs, not create them.


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