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State Fair Collapse Victims Accept Settlement Offers


The Indiana Attorney General's Office announced Monday that 64 of the 65 claimants who were offered settlements from the State Fair disaster have accepted those offers.


The state will begin paying out the five million dollars in tort claim funds this week and all payments should be made by the end of this month. Settlement offers were made to 65 victims of the stage rigging collapse including the estates of the seven people who died. One claimant denied the offer from the state and the money from that offer was redistributed among the remaining 64 claimants.

The estates of the deceased will each receive $300,000 and the remaining 58 claimants will receive an amount that equals approximately 65% of their medical bills.

"Deciding on compensation for the victims of the State Fair tragedy is one of the most difficult duties the Indiana Attorney General’s Office has ever undertaken," Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller said in a statement. "From the start we knew that no matter how we divided the $5 million available, it could never replace the seven lives lost nor erase the pain of the injured and grieving. We did all that was possible to treat victims equitably and to assist them with their medical and financial needs within the amount the law allows."

Due to the five million dollar cap on tort claim funds, claimants who suffered non-physical injuries were not offered settlements.

The first set of payments are scheduled to be mailed out on Wednesday.


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