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Senate Panel Sends Right-to-Work to Floor for Final Vote

Dems can't block quorum, but boycott final committee hearing


Another Democratic walkout over right-to-work -- but this one is purely symbolic.

The Senate Labor Committee has sent right-to-work to the full Senate, positioning the controversial bill to go to Governor Daniels on Wednesday -- the legislature's final day of work before the Super Bowl.

Democrats don't hold enough seats in the Senate to prevent a quorum. But the three Democrats on the labor panel boycotted the hearing to protest what they complain is a rush to ram the bill through before the game. Normally, the Senate wouldn't take up House bills until next week.

Democrats also object to a decision to allow no amendments until the bill reaches the full Senate on Tuesday. Any changes to the bill would force a second vote in the House, where there are enough Democrats to block action.

Opponents actually came within one vote of defeating right-to-work on its first trip through the committee, as Greenwood Republican Brent Waltz joined Democrats in voting no. The Democrats' absence changed the tally for this round from 6-4 to 6-1.

Democrats say they'll be on hand on the Senate floor to vote against the bill when it arrives there.


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