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Indiana School District Changes "Lockdown" Approach


A fatal school shooting in Ohio Monday has several Indiana schools thinking about ways to prepare for a similar scenario.

Dr. Steve Dillon, director of student services at Carmel Clay Schools, says they are giving students and staff some new ways to react to such a scene.

Previously, teachers and students were told to lock doors, turn lights off, and find protection underneath desks. Dillon says the new approach involves keeping everyone informed.

"We're going to tell you to lockdown, and then if we know there's an intruder, we're going to tell you everything we can about that person," Dillon said.

Teachers can then decide if everyone should stay in the room or leave the building through windows or a back door.

Students and staff are also being taught how to barricade the door as another line of protection. In extreme cases, they are told to fight back using chairs and other items.

"It's all designed to give you the information you need to help you increase your survivability."

Dillon says the school routinely holds "lockdown drills."


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