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Couple Charged In Child Death Scheduled For Court Thursday

Court documents show neighbors heard arguments, other noises from apartment before child's death


Chelsea Taylor and Ryan Worline (IMPD Photo)

A woman and her former boyfriend are scheduled to be in court for the first time Thursday morning on charges stemming from the death of the woman's one-year-old son.


Chelsea Taylor, 20, and Ryan Worline, 29 are each charged with felony neglect of a dependent in the January death of Jayden Noel. Taylor and Worline told police they were both sleeping and found the boy unresponsive when they woke up, but doctors who examined the boy's body found he had a fractured skull and a clavicle that had been broken in the past.

A probabe cause affidavit from the Marion County Prosecutor's Office shows that former neighbors of the couple say they heard loud arguments numerous times from the apartment Taylor and Worline used to share in the 4800 block of Lakeshore Place. Two witnesses told police they heard repeated thumping noises from the apartment - one described it as sounding like weights being dropped on the floor repeatedly. Another says she and her husband were leaving their apartment when she heard a female voice yell "one of these days, I'm going to kill you."

The court document shows police also spoke to the mother of Ryan Worline's two-year-old daughter, who also lived with Worline and Taylor. The girl's mother told investigators her relationship with Worline was on again off again because of his temper.

Prosecutors also say the biological father of Jayden Noel had previously called Child Protective Services after noticing suspicious bruises and cuts on the boy during his scheduled visitations.

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