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McIntosh Foes Turn to Madison County Election Board

Attorney seeks legal review of ex-congressman's absentee votes


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The Indianapolis Republican whose challenge forced Richard Lugar to change his voter registration is setting his sights on David McIntosh.


Greg Wright wants Secretary of State Connie Lawson or the Madison County Election Board to review whether the once and perhaps future congressman broke any laws by voting absentee while living in Virginia.

Wright's attorney Jon Sturgill has also filed a formal request with Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings to reassess his advisory opinion that McIntosh did nothing wrong. Sturgill argues that opinion focuses on case law covering eligibility to run for office, and not what he says are questions of possible voter fraud or perjury.

Sturgill stops short of calling for criminal charges, saying only that Cummings and the election board should investigate. Cummings says he'll look at the filing, but won't take any action until after next month's primary -- he says the timing of the complaint raises suspicions that the true motive is more political than legal.

Sturgill was part of Charlie White's legal team, along with David Brooks, whose wife Susan is one of McIntosh's opponents for the Fifth District seat. Sturgill says that case is his only connection to either Brooks.

McIntosh has argued his Indiana votes fall under Indiana residency laws which center on a voter's intent to return to the state, while Virginia law required him to get a Virginia driver's license while living there. His campaign released a statement blasting the residency challenge as "a highly unoriginal attack" and an attempt to divert voters from his conservative platform.

A spokesman for Lawson says she'll need to review the filing before deciding how to proceed.


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