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E-Cigarettes Included in City's Smoking Ban Proposal


Electronic cigarettes are included in the city-wide smoking ban proposal waiting for Mayor Ballard's signature and their inclusion caused heavy debate among city-county councillors.


Some councillors questioned whether e-cigarettes were harmful to other patrons in bars and restaurants. The e-cigarettes deliver a vapor consisting of water, propylene glycol and nicotine and Dr. Amy Peak, Director of Drug Information Services at Butler University, says those three main ingredients, if you look at the big picture, are not very harmful.

"But when they've actually been analyzed by independent laboratories, other products have been showing up in these cartridges including some of the cancer-causing chemicals in very trace amounts."

Dr. Peak says the tests also show that some e-cigarette cartridges had more nicotine in them than others. Dr. Nasser Hanna, a Thoracic Oncologist with Indiana University Health, says for that reason, e-cigarettes should be regulated by the FDA. Dr. Hanna says if the FDA is involved, you can be confident in what is contained in the drug and there are quality control measures with the drug.

In the new smoking ban proposal, both traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are banned in the city except in the places exempted by the ban. The proposal still awaits a signature or veto from Mayor Greg Ballard.


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