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Poll: Mourdock Leads Lugar by 10 in Senate Primary


The final independent poll in Indiana's Senate primary gives challenger Richard Mourdock a 10-point lead over Republican Senator Richard Lugar.


The Howey-DePauw Indiana Battleground Poll finds Mourdock's favorable rating has doubled as more people learn who he is. His unfavorables have gone up too, but Lugar's have gone up even more, to 43-percent.

78-percent of Mourdock voters characterize their support of the state treasurer's campaign as a vote against Lugar. But Howey Politics Indiana publisher Brian Howey says charges that Lugar's not conservative enough aren't the senator's biggest problem -- just over half Mourdock's supporters point to Lugar's age and his 36 years in Washington.

But Howey says the one ray of hope for Lugar lies in the undecideds. He calls the 14-percent still in that category unusually high. If you include those who say they could change their mind, it's a full third of the voters.


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