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Indiana Performing Well in Job Growth


The state of Indiana is outperforming the national economy in terms of job growth.


Ball State Economist Michael Hicks says, "We've seen good job growth over the last several months in Indiana but it looks like the nation as a whole was slowing down a bit. But last month Indiana just zoomed past the rest of the country in terms of job growth."

1 out of every 8 private sector jobs created in the nation in April were created in Indiana. Hicks says there are reasons "Indiana is not one of those states that is really suffering from high unfunded liabilites.  We don't have a lot debt without ways to pay for them and so I think that tends to signal businesses this is a stable state in which to do business."

Hicks says it may be too early to tell if Right to Work played a part, but he says it's pretty difficult to say that it's somehow not attenuated to the legislation. Although Hicks admits it may take several years to see if that's the case.


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