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How Much "Fracking" is Being Done in Indiana?


"Fracking" or natural gas mining is gaining more national attention, but does it take place here in Indiana?


Dr. Paul Doss, Professor of Geology at the University of Southern Indiana, says there is some fracking being done in Indiana on a smaller scale than places like Texas, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. "We don't have the type of rock resource in the subsurface here that would generate the same kinds of product that you see in these other locations."

Dr. Doss says there is some shale in southern Indiana that is used for fracking but it's not as thick as the other locations. He says because of that, fracking will never be a major operation in the Hoosier state.

Doss says some of the controversy surrounding fracking has to do with the chemical solution used in the process which isn't subjected to environmental regulations. He says because the technique was created before the regulations or even the development of policy over it could be created, most of the recipe for the solution has remained private.


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