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Musicians Union In Tough Talks With ISO


(photo courtesy of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra)

The union representing almost 90 Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra musicians says it's making pay concessions that'll help keep the symphony in good fiscal health.


Richard Graef is negotiating chairman of the American Federation of Musicians Local 3 in Indianapolis. The union is in the middle of new contract talks with management. Their current three year contract expires September 2nd. Graef says they're proposing voluntary pay cuts of 12.5 percent in the first year of a new contract and 14 unpaid weeks over a five-year contract. Graef says ISO wants to reduce the number of musicians from 87 to 63, cut pay by 45 percent, reduce the working year from 52 weeks to 36 weeks and drastically reduce their pension.

Graef says the move would knock the organization out of the major leagues of among symphony orchestras. Graef says their proposal would help address the organization's budget gap by saving $3.2 million over five years. Graef says they can extend talks beyond the contract date if needed.

» ISO In Tough Talks With Musicians Union (8-28-12)


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